Among the banes of modern lifestyle, obesity is the most prevalent one – and the toughest one to deal with.

It is possible that you might have tried some of the suggestions, tips, and tricks that float around claiming to make you lose those inches faster than anything else. Fad diets, herbal beverages, newer forms of exercise, cosmetic surgeries, and countless such methods – they are everywhere!!!

But storing and losing body fat is a natural cause and effect phenomenon. No trick, exercise or diet can have a lasting effect, unless we look at the problem holistically. Unfortunately, we aren’t aware that some of our seemingly harmless habits may be the principal causes behind our weight gain.

If you are wondering what could be keeping you from losing those excess pounds, it’s worth looking into the basic lifestyle habits that you may have. Do you have any of the following habits? Take a look!

1. You Need Midnight Snacks 

1. You Need Midnight Snacks

Once you reach home after a tiring day, you might want to rest your tired body (and its metabolism). Grabbing a pack of crisps, or that leftover cake, or a cold drink, may be the worst choice in this situation. They are very high in calories and your tired metabolism will process them at a very slow rate, thus resulting in the accumulation of all those unused calories in your body. If you feel hungry, eat a few pieces of fruit or some baked low-calorie snack that wouldn’t stress your body out.


2. You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

If you are sleeping less, it is quite possible that you might pile up more. It has been proved that a tired and sleep deprived body craves for more food. And to combat your fatigue, there are more chances of you opting for food high in carbs, fats, and calories . The sluggishness will make you avoid activity and exercise, thus making you pile on even more pounds.


3. You Only Eat’Low-Fat’Foods 

3. You Only Eat'Low-Fat'Foods


All those items on the supermarket shelves that claim to be ‘low-fat’ are actually quite high in refined sugar and salt. Even if the fat is not directly consumed, the large amounts of sugar in those food items get stored as fat in the body – and that is why they do just the opposite of what they claim to do .Excessive salt, on the other hand, causes water retention and bloating. Therefore, it is better to consume beneficial fats like eggs, nuts, and avocados that do not get stored as fat.


4. You Eat Too Quickly

4. You Eat Too Quickly

Once you have started eating your meal, your brain will take about 20 minutes to feel satiated. If you are eating faster than that, you will chew little and consume more food than you actually need. On the other hand, if you chew slowly, your stomach and your mind, both will get time to register the taste and the quantity. So, you will end up eating the right amount of food instead of overeating. To decide your portion size, let your appetite be your guide. Avoid the TV and phone during meals as your brain will be too distracted to decide the amount correctly.

5. You Lead A Sedentary Lifestyle

You might take resolutions regarding your diet and portion size, but if you don’t take time out for physical activities, burning the already accumulated calories will be painfully slow. Hence, it is advised that you get into an active mode and move about to lose weight faster.


6. You Skip Meals

6. You Skip Meals

If you are under the impression that giving up on meals equals giving up on calories, you are wrong. If you deprive yourself of food, your tired brain, body, and metabolism will alter the insulin function and store the calories instead of burning it. This is a major cause of abdominal weight gain, and leads to type 2 diabetes .


7. You Eat Huge Portions 

Taking more food on your plate will only add more calories. It is better to go for smaller plates and smaller portions and have a mindful approach towards your food intake. After 20 minutes, you would possibly feel satiated and not need extra helpings.

8. You Guzzle Down Sugary/Fizzy Drinks Instead Of Water

8. You Guzzle Down SugaryFizzy Drinks Instead Of Water

If you are in the habit of gulping down your partially chewed food with those fizzy drinks or soda, you are making a big mistake . Those drinks are laden with bad sugars and do not make you feel full in spite of being high in calories. You eat your usual (or more) food on top of it, and this causes unnecessary weight gain. In fact, it causes a host of other problems like liver and pancreatic issues, diabetes, tooth decay, and so on.



9. You Suffer From Anxiety And Stress 

In the modern times, there is no running away from stress. Deadlines, commitments, bills – everything adds to your anxiety, and it is also a major contributor to weight gain . Your anxious brain releases hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, etc. that help the brain and body to fight off the pressure and tension. However, your exhausted mind signals your body to store up on fats, which your sedentary body doesn’t burn – and that is the reason of all that weight gain.


10. You Drink Too Much Alcohol

10. You Drink Too Much Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are laden with twice the amount of sugars and calories compared to normal foods. Plus, they have zero nutritional value. They also increase your appetite and cravings and you end up consuming far more than you should .

These were some of the latent negatives of our lifestyle that contribute to unnecessary weight gain. Take stock of your daily schedule and make the necessary changes to lead a healthy life.

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