15-Style-Faux-Pas-Fill-You-RegretIf you’ve ever been out and about only to look down, survey your outfit, and immediately wonder, “Wait — why did I wear this?!” you’re not alone. Many of us have been overcome with that slightly panicked twinge of regret, whether it was from a poor choice of footwear or the whole foolish ensemble. But the good news? Moments like these are preventable, so long as you know what to look for when you leave the house.

Ahead you’ll find 10 questions to stop and ask yourself before heading out the door, preventing style mishaps and uncomfortableness well before they occur. Read on for a quick little checklist and remember: no matter how good it looks, if you’re uncomfortable, it’s not worth it!

1. Can I Walk in These Shoes?

We understand they’re cute, but you know what’s not cute? Tripping and falling on your face — in public.

2. Is It Too Tight?

 Will the skinny jeans be cutting off your circulation? Say Byeeeee.

3. Is It Too Revealing?

Tugging at your top or pulling down your dress all night is more annoying than it’s worth. And days where you show up at the office and then realise your shirt’s completely see-through? Not fun.

4. Do My Undergarments Fit Perfectly?

If your bra’s digging into your skin, providing little support, or a size too large or small, readjusting will be happening — and it won’t be pretty.

5. Am I Underdressed?

If you’re wondering whether or not jeans are appropriate attire, err on the side of caution and choose something else.

6. Am I Overdressed?

You know that uncomfortable feeling you get when you’re rocking a  party dress and everyone else is in shorts and a tee? Ugh — the worst

7. Will I Be OK If I Stain This?

There’s only so much a stain remover  can do. Wearing white on the day of an important meeting or interview is pretty much asking for disaster. 

8. Are These Shoes Going to Give Me Blisters?

Because the time you’ll spend healing is so not worth it.

9. Will My Bag Fit All My Stuff?

Your wallet, phone, keys, makeup, and a snack is an awful lot to squeeze into a tiny crossbody.

10. Is This Capable of Getting Ruined in the Rain?

Check the weather before you leave and pack some extra shoes if you’re commuting to be safe.

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