Andrea Grant

Despite being told she couldn’t carry a baby past four months, Andrea Grant is  37 weeks , has a 3 year old daughter and pressing on with her current pregnancy.

Andrea Grant

Jacksonville burn survivor and motivational speaker Andrea Grant shared photos from her maternity shoot with photographer Terrence Armand and in 24 hours, it went viral. “I really didn’t think that was the response that was going to happen, but I’m honored,” she said.

Andrea Grant

Grant’s scars featured in the photo have a tragic and inspirational story. On August 14th, 2001, at age 9, she and her brother,11, were badly burned in a house fire, the result of a gas explosion. 
They were both coming home from school, usually they waited outside until their oldest sister returned. But on that particular day, they had a key so they went in. Upon walking into the house, they smelled gas but didn’t understand what to do.
“Once we flicked on a light switch in the kitchen, the kitchen and living room blew up which knocked down a wall that would become our exit. Help from our neighbours kept us calm until fire and rescue arrived. Later on, we found out the explosion was caused by a leak. We were flown by a medical jet to Galveston, Texas and received treatment at Shriner’s Hospital.”
Andrea Grant
Andrea suffered second and third degree burns to 80% of her body. She recovered and went on to form a group called “Beyond Scars” to help other burn victims. The Red Cross is on board and the response has been great. 

“I Have To Remind Myself & My Followers Who I AM & What Ive Been Through & Over Came…… The Road Was Hard & I Remember Everyday Of It Like It Was Yesterday…..” she said on Instagram. “The Smells The Taste Of Smoke That Lasted On Our Breath For Weeks After Waking Up……My Friends & Family See Me As Strong Andrea But Reality God & My Mother Made Me This Strong & Tough…… My Mother Raised Me To Believe I Was/Am Beautiful… .Even When On Days I Know I Was Hard To Look At” 

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