First off, let’s get one thing straight, wedding dress shopping is NOT like in the movies, all fun and games and magical moments. There are some elements of fun, sure, but mostly, it’s stressful and a bit confusing. 

So here are a few things I learned along the way to finding THE dress, in the hope that it’ll make your experience a bit smoother than mine. Enjoy.

1. Go early

There is no such thing as ‘too early’ when it comes to wedding dress shopping. Some stores custom make them to suit your shape, so it can take up to six months. Also bear in mind you will need time for alterations before the big day (usually two-to-three appointments).

I will say this though, if you got yours super early on, don’t look at any other dresses in case you change your mind!

2. Don’t bring too many people

I’ll admit I fell at the first hurdle with this one. I got so excited, I brought my mum, sister, and four bridesmaids with me. To be fair to them, they weren’t critical at all, but they all had different favourite dresses, and then there were so many different opinions that I got confused as to which ones I liked best.


3. Sales assistants can be a bit pushy

Do NOT fall for the hard sell techniques shops will undoubtedly try on you. They range from ‘well, if you want to buy it right this minute, we’ll give you a discount’ to ‘this is the last dress that will ever be made in the entire world so if you leave it you’ll never have a happy marriage’ (slight exaggeration here but you get the gist).

They’ll also try and sell you everything from the veil to the hoop skirt (which most dresses don’t need FYI), but shop around, as chances are they’re overcharging you.

4. Do not try on dresses above your budget

I did this. And of  course I loved it. It all ended in tears, it wasn’t pretty.

5. Do NOT pay to try on dresses

Absolutely, under no circumstances, should you pay to try on a wedding dress. 

6. Go by yourself

A bit of an echo of the first point, but for the second appointment, I recommend going by yourself. Then you can really make your own mind with no influence from anyone else.


7. There is no epiphany moment

You know those people who say, ‘I put it on and INSTANTLY knew it was The One’? Well they’re lying. It does not work for everyone.

8. Wear the right underwear

You want to see what the dress will look like on the actual day, so wear white or nude underwear that’s supportive and/or nice. Because it looks a bit weird if you’ve got a black bra strap sticking out.

9. Shop for the body you have now

Don’t deceive yourself by buying two sizes down what you currently are. Weight-loss can be quite tricky. What if you don’t shed the weight?

10. Trust your gut

Every other person might hate it, but if that is what you absolutely love, go for it. You should be happy in the dress you are getting married in. Beware of religious policies though. Don’t buy a dress that would be frowned on by the people joining you.


Happy married life in advance!



Photo Credit:- Instagram/bellanaijaweddings

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