These days, a lot of women are going back in the days- to wear their natural hair. So many questions are asked , on how to commence, products to use, maintenance etc. Let us start from the beginning and address the other needs along the way. How do you start? With two options, read below on the choice you need to make.

1. The big chop

The first one, as the name implies involves chopping off all of one’s relaxed hair and settling for the TWA (teeny weeny afro). It’s the shortest stress-free route to go natural. In some cases it is even a better option as it helps you acknowledge and address some previous hair issues.

2. Transitioning

The second involves gradually growing out the relaxed hair until a certain extent before chopping it off. Some people transition for as long as three months to two years. It depends on how best you can handle the two textures.


Now, for those of who that are still undecided, let’s lay down the pros and cons of each process.


The big chop is an opportunity for a fresh start, a clean slate. You’re totally clueless about this journey you’re about to embark but you’re willing nonetheless to learn it’s rudiments along the way. Here, you have no opposition of any sort. You have the chance to study and listen to your hair. To nurture and tend to it like a new born – which it is, technically. You also have the chance to experiment with a lot of bold,bright colors and accessories.

Transitioning on the other hand, is another ball game entirely. The beauty about it is that you get to witness the transition from a bone straight hair to a tightly coiled hair. You watch as your hair makes this changes and learn how to manage both regardless. You do not have to make the drastic decision of starting afresh. You won’t have to deal with busybodies questioning your decision. Why? Because they won’t know.


”You will look like a boy”
And that’s the truth. Any newly big chopped natural will tell about their biggest fears – looking like a boy. This is because of the full enhancement of one’s facial features without hair. That’s the simple explanation. But if you’re not confident enough to rock this style, then the big chop isn’t for you. If you can’t stand up to your decision in the face of unsolicited inquires, then I think you need to explore the other option of transitioning.

The biggest challenge of transitioning is the management of the two textures. As long as you’re not ready to cut off the relaxed ends, you will have to deal with them and trust me, it can be very tough. Mostly because, if it not handled properly, it might lead to severe breakage and frustration in the long run. So, if you think you are ready to go through this route, feed yourself with all the knowledge you need to know about transitioning.

Before you make that decision, weight the pros and cons and choose accordingly.


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