Ankara prints are ever versatile, they can be crafted in any style making the dungaree trend one to try for the weekend.

The loved statement print comes easy to make into almost any style at all because it comes mostly in cotton. From matching sets, pants in different styles, jackets, kimonos, jumpsuits, shorts and more trendy looks, it’s one that turns heads in any style.

The dungaree is a sporty casual look that can be styled chic for laidback occasions or fired up in any way. For the weekend, this style is specially curated for the wild, bold and daring style lovers who want to make statements everytime.

Dungaree comes in different styles with details like; cigar pants cut, form fitting, slouchy/relaxed, with skirt bottom and so on to suit each body shape. (Wearing bold Ankara look isn’t for the fainthearted and the more colourful the prints, the more the bold style stand out).

Are you daring enough to wear Ankara in dungaree style? Check out 20 style inspirations to try out.


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