Tools-of-the-Trade-beautyWe know that makeup doesn’t last forever. If you’ve ever put an expired gloss on your lips, you will have learned this lesson quickly. You may think that you never need to replace your beauty tools because you don’t have to worry about them but not all of them are buy-once-keep-for-life. If you take care of your makeup brushes, a set could last you for life but the same rules don’t apply to other products.

If you don’t remember the last time you bought these products, it’s time to replace them:
1. Sponges500-sp001
You probably have a few sponges floating around at the bottom of your makeup bag. Even if you wash them, they can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Plus, using a dirty sponge on your face can make you break out. If you’ve been using the same makeup-covered sponge forever, get some new ones. Even your beloved beauty blenders will eventually need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

2. Hairbrushes$(KGrHqJHJE8FIpnz2MbfBSQU5(Ds-g--60_12

A good hairbrush can last a long time. You definitely don’t need to replace it as often as you do your lipstick. After awhile, the bristles (natural or synthetic) will probably start coming out. Furthermore, all that hair wrapped around the base that you could never get out when you washed it will only keep building up. To keep your locks looking as good as Rapunzel’s, toss that old brush.

3. LoofahsLoofah+_510f03fb64a682fd8093c99f108de3ef

Over time, your bath sponge will stretch out. It can get to a point where it look more like a net washcloth than a round ball. When it starts stretching out, replace it. You can’t expect to get a good exfoliation with one that looks like a misshapen rag.

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