landscape-1432594321-144717429It is always common to see a family of girls share the same style and the Kardashians are no different. Mommy Kris and daughters often rock the same style. Here are 3 times when they did.Momma Kris rocked the same look as daughter Khloe for her feature on Jay Leno . Khloe wore it for Xfactor

Kris in a plunging Givenchy top and maxi skirt combo paired with lace-up heels and a matching black purse while daughter Kim wore the same only just a few shades different from her moms and paired it with Gucci sandals.1432594614-rs-634x818-140610103444-634kris-jenner-kim-kardashian-brown-givenchy-dress-061014

Kim and mom once spotted again wearing a similar style-a Saint Laurent dress. Kim wore hers while pregnant with Nori at the MTV Movie Awards. Kris wore hers at the Genlux Summer issue

Between mom and daughters-who wore it best?

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