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The 30-Day Squat Challenge That Will Totally Transform Your Body


Do you wish to have to have a toned butt? Are there times when you feel you could have walked that extra mile if you had superior leg strength? Well, then, why don’t you take up the 30-Day Squat Challenge this month? This challenge will help you get in shape and increase your muscle power. This is one of the most well-known challenges because of the results the user starts seeing within 30 days. If you follow this 30-day challenge sincerely, you will have superior leg strength and a better butt than before!

This challenge consists of a single exercise regime – performing squats. The concept of this challenge is to start by performing a certain number of squats on day one and gradually increase the number of squats you do each day until day 30. The idea behind this challenge is to help build your body strength until the final day where you truly put your mind and body to the test by performing a certain number of squats that you would never be able to doon day one. People who undertake this challenge notice improvements in their fitness and physique on a daily basis, making this one of the most popular 30-day exercise challenges out there.


Performing A Squat The Right Way

Performing A Squat The Right Way


Below are 4 easy steps that will help you perfect your squatting technique. Performing squats may look easy on the face of it. However, it is extremely important to display the correct technique to ensure that you are able to truly work those leg muscles and your butt. Pay close attention to the following steps in order to be ready to undertake the 30-day challenge.

  1. Firstly, you need to stand straight. Make sure that your feet are at least three feet apart from each other (or more, depending on the size of your hips). Your toes should be pointing in the forward direction. Your head must remain straight and your face must point in the same direction as your toes. You need to ensure that you maintain an erect posture with your core muscles tensed.
  1. Keep your arms either raised up to the level of your chest or on the sides of your hips. This will ensure that you do not use your arms as a means of support. Placing your arms on your legs while performing a squat will make it easier to perform a squat. However, this will also mean that the incorrect technique will inhibit the effectiveness of the squat.
  1. Now, lower your thighs until they become parallel to the ground that you are standing on. If you find it difficult to understand what this means, imagine yourself bending down to sit on an imaginary chair. However, you need to make sure that you maintain the correct posture while performing a squat as mentioned in step 1. Another way of ensuring that you are going low enough is to keep going lower until you start feeling pain and cannot keep your balance. A simple way of memorizing the level at which you need to lower your thighs is by finding a box or chair that is a little lower than your knee level. Use this box/chair to practice squats on. Every time your glutes make contact with the box or chair, you should realize that you are bending low enough to perform a successful squat.
  1. Raise your body until you are back in a standing position, with your knees completely straight and unbent.

The 30-Day Squat Challenge 

The 30-Day Squat Challenge


Below is the breakdown of the number of squats you need to do each day. You must try to perform all the squats within one rep. However, if you feel that you cannot keep up and need a breather, you should take a break as it is important for you to be fit enough to perform the squats the next day as well.


Once you complete the 30-Day Challenge, you can push yourself by performing squats with weights on your shoulder. And one month later, expect your Instagram feed to be flooded with #Bubblebuttgoals. Keep squatting, gorgeous!

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