Tomi's Colour Pavilion

Well, this is for those who do not know I have a Youtube page. 

Yes I do!

You see, I am very passionate about Beauty, Skincare and Fashion and I want to preach it in every way possible.


I just started doing videos last month and I must say, I am very grateful for the ideas and opportunity to do this. These are things I love doing and I will be very glad to use my different media to reach and teach someone.

Never mind, I will do a proper Introduction very soon… but till then, let’s learn how to tie gele.

*Let me tell you a secret. After doing this tutorial, just some days after I learnt a different way to tieing my gele and I can’t wait to share that. Infact, people who know me know how much I appreciate my head wraps. 

I will upload videos for you guys ehn– turban tutorials, iconic gele, all the works. 

Okay, let us see this one first and we can keep up with the rest later right?

And don’t forget, this is one of the very first videos, surely with time, it will get so much better and easier.

Enjoy watching and #StayBeautiful


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