fruitNappy sisters in the house know that deep conditioning with fruits is one of the best things you can do to your natural hair. Fruits are the ultimate deep conditioners because they’re packed with various nutrients that are beneficial for health of your natural hair. It is important to note that before using them, you need to blend them completely to avoid picking particles from your hair. Here are four fruits that should be added to your regimen asap!

1. Avocados.
Avocado masks are probably the most popular in the natural hair community. This is because they’re packed with Vitamin B which prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth as well as Vitamin E which repairs damaged scalp. The high fat content present in avocados is particularly great because it helps soften the hair and improve the general appearance and condition of the hair.

2. Bananas.
They are great for treating dry and itchy scalps. It helps keeps the hair hydrated by increasing moisture retention and taming frizz. So, next time you buy those bunch of bananas, make sure you leave some out for your hair.

3. Papaya 
When papaya is added to your deep conditioner, it helps promote strength, thickness and shine. It nourishes the hair shafts and creates volume as well. When dealing with dandruff, a papaya mask can be used to control and prevent it.

4. Mango. 
Yep! Mangoes are filled with vitamins A, C and E which nourishes and fortifies the hair. A mango treat is particularly for dry, brittle hair that lacks moisture. It smooths out the hair cuticle whilst adding shine.

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