Weddings are a big deal and one important thing both the bride and groom should pay attention to is the food they eat on that day. Contrary to the popular statement, ‘If you look good, you feel good’, feeling good has more to do with your body than your looks. If you eat something that upsets your stomach, you will definitely not feel good and will end up having a bad time.

There is  a list of four meals you should avoid to prevent an upset stomach:

1. Beans/Moin-moin As delicious as porridge beans and moin-moin are, you should avoid both of them like it’s witchcraft on your big day. It will be delicious going down but soon enough, you will find yourself desperately looking for a toilet to get it out.




2. Vegetable soup Vegetable soup is normally used to cleanse the stomach and encourages bowel movements so it’s definitely something to worry about. If you eat it in the morning and it doesn’t get you during the ceremony, it will get you during your wedding night and that will surely ruin the mood.



3. Extremely spicy food etc pepper soup Even if you love peppery food and have developed an iron stomach, avoid it on that day on the off chance that you react to it. Pepper usually upsets the stomach in one way or the other and that’s the last thing you need on your day. 



4. Milk/ Eggs:- Even though this does not make you run for the Ladies room, it can surely give you severe flatulence. You wouldn’t want to fart uncontrollably at the event and when you are alone with the Mr.

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