black-woman-with-headscarf-header3A lot of us are familiar with the concept of exfoliation. The problem is, we limit it to just our faces and forget the rest of our body. Would you like a flawless face with a less than flawless body? I think not. That’s why we need to remind ourselves and pay attention to other parts of the body that need exfoliation. They include:

1. Lips.
The lips are one part of the face/body that doesn’t get so much love. After scrubbing our faces, we dash out without fully concentrating on the lips. Well, that’s about to change. The lips require little or no products for exfoliation. Whip out an old toothbrush, a lip scrub – homemade one preferably – or just some white/brown sugar and/or olive oil and scrub away! The result? Super soft succulent lips(when done consistently overtime)


2. Hands.
Our hands go through all sorts and in the process, suffer from sheer neglect. Some people are of the opinion that they do not need much exfoliation because we’re constantly washing them. Believe me when I say exfoliating your hands is one of the best thing you can do especially for people with dry skin. Constant exfoliation will eventually lead to softer hands. Don’t forget to moisturize thereafter. Also, whatever scrub you use for your entire body is totally safe for your hands.

3. Armpits.
FYI, armpits need all the love too especially if you shave frequently. You know that dark hue that forms on the armpits from constant use of deodorants? Studies say, they can be gotten rid of through regular exfoliation especially if it contains skin brightening properties leaving you with a germ and odor free area.

4. Feet/Heels.
Foot scrubs are have been around for a while but some of us barely pay attention to them except during manis and pedis. But it’s something that should be done on a weekly basis in the comfort of your tub. We’re probably used to pumice stones too but foot scrubs are so much milder and gentler especially for those with sensitive skin.


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