If you are thinking of planning a Nigerian-themed wedding, then you had better settle down here and see the things you should be expecting on your big day.

Nigerians are by default, interesting sets of people that you honestly cannot get enough of. They are kind, humorous and loving people who know how to enjoy life and enjoy it to the fullest. Weddings are a major highlight of our existence as we find it difficult to stay put without creating a joyous occasion where everyone celebrates.

If you are a Nigerian who live home, you will be able to relate with some of the things that will be mentioned here. No matter the situation, we are always proud of our nationality and give kudos to ourselves when we see other people ‘slacking’ in areas that we dare not carry last.

There are certain things that are exclusive to us in this part of the world. These things have become our ways of life and are considered to be part of the things that make us. Before we delve into the things you are bound to see at your wedding if you invite basically Nigerians, we would give you a word of warning.

Please, if you know you are not ready for any form of drama, keep your wedding party to yourself. Do not bother inviting anyone or better still, make it an indoor thing without neighbours knowing what you are up to. But if you cannot take this option, abeg, let us help you make your wedding party a beautiful one.

Find below some of the things Nigerians will definitely do at your wedding:

1.Spray Money:- We bring in money in suitcases and Ghana-must-go bags. If there are competitors who want to show off for one reason or the other, we show them we are mouthed.

To that effect, Nigerians will show up looking all glam at your wedding and spray you so much money you will physically have to step on the notes.

And in cases where your rich guests are dons, they may come with a money sprayer or throw you the notes in packs. Yes, we are bad like that!

*The Igbos have been known to spray more though.

2. Compete with other guests with Asoebi

This is not just a feature of every proper Yoruba wedding; it has become a big money spinning industry in Nigeria. People pick a certain cloth material that they put on more like a uniform. It’s so bad that if you are not in the attire, you’ll feel like you’re out of the whole setting

Nigerians simply cannot keep calm at parties. You will notice people whose main objective is to outshine you as the celebrant with the clothes they wear.

Wedding parties particularly are not the kind of event you dress shabbily to. People put on a ‘you cannot be as fine as me’ attitude and make sure they rock your party for you.

3. Hustle for food and Souvenirs

Honestly, we have food in our houses! But as much as we want to celebrate with you, do not bother bringing us out of our houses if you are hell bent on starving us.

The food served at parties have a unique taste and that is why we will always strive to have party jollof-rice. If you attend a Nigerian party and do not taste the food served, you have not been to the party.

Another thing that may disorient you wherever you sit as the host is the struggle for souvenirs. Even the ‘tush’ people around have a way of demanding for souvenirs from the sharers.

It does not matter whether you are sharing plastic buckets or ceramic cups, we simply want something to remember the couple with.

4. Dance like there is no tomorrow

Do you know how many things Nigerians face and put up with everyday? We bet you don’t! A party is the perfect time to do exercise, get rid of stress, unwind, catch up and get new ideas. Nigerians simply dance away their sorrows and live for the moment at parties.

Depending on how coordinated your event is, you will meet people who will cheer you up with their dance steps and become the Michael Jackson of the occasion.

If you want to remain the main focus of the party, then watch out for people like that if you do not want them to steal your show.

5. Yoruba demons everywhere. You’ll see them in their agbada looking posh and cute, looking for whose hearts they will break next.

6. Amala and Ewedu on the Spot (meaning very Hot Amala served as it being made). Always garnished with a generous serving of meat, offals- ponmo, shaki, ogunfe etc. It’s not a Yoruba wedding if this one is not available. There are some people that no matter how good the Jollof or fried rice is, they’ll never forgive you if you don’t provide them with their regular Amala and Ewedu. Then if you want to top it up and make them feel happier, add gbegiri to it. They’ll never forget your wedding.

7. Live Band Music. If all you have is a DJ playing music. Then forget it, you didn’t have a Yoruba wedding. A very important part of a Yoruba wedding is the live band churning out popular Yoruba tunes with the help of a very good talking drummer, praising the guests till they empty their pockets spraying money.

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