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Aluminium foils are quite handy in the home, apart from being useful in baking (I use it for my moi moi), curling hair (wigs, human hair etc) and cleaning jewelry it has many other uses.

Below are other ways you can use this wonderful home accessory.

Remove Rust



Rust make metals look old and dead, if you have a rusty metal in your home that you’re hoping to throw out and replace with a new one, how about giving it a new look? Get a foil, ball it, then rub it hard on the metal to bring get off some rust.

Sharpen Scissors

If your scissors is dull and almost useless, you can fix that by sharpening it with aluminion foil. Lay a few sheets of foil on top of each other then use scissors to cut them.

Polish jewelry

Jewelries, especially costume have the annoying habit of going black and dull, you can make it vibrant and fresh-faced again with aluminium foil. Line a bowl or tray with foil, pour hot water inside it until it’s filled up, add a teaspoon of laundry detergent powder (no bleach type like dishwasher) then put your jewelry inside the bowl for a minute (let it sit on the foil), rinse with clean water and dry with a clean cloth.

Quick ironing



For moms ironing is the most annoying part of our job but we can’t get away without ironing but foil can help speed up this boring chore. Just cover your ironing board with foil, it will reflect twice as much of the heat from the iron without the threat of burning your cloth, thereby making your work faster.

Protect mattress

If your young child is still in the business of bedwetting, you can spare the mattress so you know you’ll only have to deal with the bedsheet. Lay sheets of aluminium foil across the width of your child’s small mattress, cover it with a towel, bedsheet and whatever else you usually cover it with.

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