Beauty-Guru-Ellarie-7If you are a make-up lover but you find it difficult to go all the way applying full makeup every-time- then powdering your face and having an excellent pout is a good way for your face to pop. But you need to do this diligently to let everyone know you are a boss in the game. These tips below will definitely help get your lipstick act

  1. Use concealer to make your lips pop. After applying a bold lip hue, outline your mouth with concealer. The contrast between the concealer and lipstick will make the pigment look even more vibrant.
  2. X marks the spot. If you struggle to get your Cupid’s bow perfectly defined, use a lip pencil to draw a small “X” at the top center of your upper lip. If you start lining your lips from here, it’s much easier than starting at the corners of your smile.
  3. Use a baby’s toothbrush to get . . . baby-soft lips. The ultragentle bristles of a baby’s toothbrush make the perfect tools to scrub away dry skin on your pout. Generously apply balm to your lips, then gently buff them with your toothbrush to loosen any flakes.
  4. You don’t have to spend a lot on lip scrub. After applying on lip balm, pat some sugar crystals onto your lips, then massage them in with your finger. Not the tidiest process, but it’s definitely effective at getting rid of chaps.
  5. Give yourself the finger. As soon as you apply lipstick, try this nifty trick to keep it from getting on your teeth. Slide a clean finger between your lips, then drag it out. Any color lurking on the inner parts of your mouth (which will eventually make contact with your teeth) will be removed.
  6. Gloss over it. Make your lips look slightly fuller by dabbing a bit of clear gloss to the center of your lips. The shine acts like highlighter, making your pout stand out.


Image Credit:- Ellarie

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