One of the many Beauty questions I get asked as a Beauty enthusiast is to know the right match or foundation shade for one’s skin. Getting the right brand (based on affordability) is another uphill task. So, it will be ideal to arm yourself with the following tips when making your next shopping trip.

1. Think about the intensity of your skin colour

Your skin intensity is how light or deep it is. It can be bang on medium, but more likely it will be on the scale in between; either very light, light, light-medium, medium-deep, deep or very deep. If you’re unsure try comparing your skin colour to a celebrity, model or makeup artist with a quick Google search and see how they describe theirs. How do you compare?


2. Identify your undertone

Look at your bare skin and think about how rosy (pink toned) or golden (yellow toned) it is. If it’s rosy you probably have a cool undertone, if it’s golden you probably have a warm undertone. If it’s a combination of the two – or you simply can’t identify it as one of the other – you have a neutral undertone. fe685b7a1f8dd421710898050e7fe6a6

3. Test it on your face, not your hand

Test three swatches of the foundation you think best suit you for comparison on your jawline, and go with the closest match that appears to disappear into the skin. Remember, foundation shouldn’t show on your skin – you want your complexion to appear amazing, not your foundation.


4. Consult the professionals

There are many makeup stores available now to avail you all the help you need. You can skip steps one to three above and you will get all the help you need. 

But note, this will be applicable for the stores own brands. When trying another brand, you might have to repeat the process all over again. Stores you can visit include the MAC Store, Black UP store at the Ikeja City Mall or the Inglot store at the Palms shopping Center, Lekki.

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