1435696608_kim-kardashian-rolling-stone-lg (2)Just when you thought that you knew Kim Kardashian from the inside-out, the reality star opens up even more.

Kardashian set sail on her personal barriers in a nautical themed cover story for Rolling Stoneshot by controversial photographer, Terry Richardson. According to the multi-platform mogul, there is more than meets the eye to her persona than what is seen in the upturned gaze of her selfies. Read more to find out about Kimmy.

1. Her first interracial relationship experience was with Michael Jackson’s nephew, T.J.

2. She discovered the former Bruce Jenner dressed in women’s clothing 12 years before he began his transition into becoming Caitlyn Jenner.

3. Kardashian had a front-row seat to O.J. Simpson’s 1994 murder trial from the discomfort her own home.

4.  Her alcohol consumption is limited to “five shots of vodka in Vegas every three years”.

5. She still makes mix CD’s and was obsessed with *NSYNC.

6. She is at peace with a “thicker” Rob Kardashian

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