Burning belly fat isn’t all crunches and cardio but it goes to improve your diet, prepare your body before a workout…so here is a list of 7  effective ways to get rid of belly fat by  getting healthy is a combination of a balanced diet and exercise.

1. Be in constant motion
Cardio is going to help you target fat on your belly, and focus on things that will get your heart rate up : running, biking, or swimming – you’re sure to burn that fat right off.


2. Stretch before ab exercises
Cosmopolitan recommends to limber up.

3. Get enough sleep
WebMD is talking about a study made on  people who slept 6-7 hours  and gained less visceral fat over a 5 year period compared to people who slept less than 5 and more than 8 a night.

4. Don’t miss out on protein
Prevention experts found that   a high protein diet  protects against insulin resistance  so add protein powder to your smoothies, and eat more nuts.

5. Keep stress levels low
WebMD recommends focusing  on relaxing with friends and family, meditating, and give exercising a shot to get rid of some of that bad energy. When you feel less stressed you’re bound to make better choices all around.

6. Fancy some vinegar?
Prevention highlighted a Japanese study that confirms that  consuming a tablespoon or two of vinegar daily for 8 weeks will decrease your  body fat. Experts say the acid in the vinegar produce proteins that burn up the fat.

7. Drink enough water
Cosmopolitan says that drinking  8 glasses of water a day  will  keep your metabolic rate in check, and help your body run better .

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