There are many places in your body that are dirtier than you can imagine.


1. Head

DO you know when you get itching in your scalp it means dandruff is mixed with bacteria and that is causing some infection. You should always wash your hair at regular intervals to avoid these bacteria

2. Armpits

DO you know this body part is associated with more than 80,000 bacteria and that’s why it stinks. Deodorants are not the perfect solution of this problem, opt for some natural remedies and always keep them clean

3. Mouth

I think we all already know about this. Bacteria is the reason behind your bad breath, and it is not one approximately 600 different types of bacteria live in our mouth and make it one of the dirtiest body part.

SO I think from now on you all will brush twice in a day without asking any question

4. Ear

WE all know that we have wax inside ear to avoid any dirt from outside but do you know because of this was ear is one of the dirtiest body part. But you should never try to clean it yourself, it has self cleansing ability

5. Anus

No explanation required, i think we all know this 🙂

6. Tongue

As mouth tongue is also in contact with many bacteria so whenever you clean mouth, clean it also properly with tongue cleaner

7. Belly button

You can’t see this but lot of bacteria are hiding in this that are not visible with naked eye

8. Nasal cavity

Just like ear, nasal cavity is there so that dust and dirt do not get entry to your lungs. Never use your finger to clean it as it might lead to infections

9. Finger nails

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