28EC1DD500000578-0-image-a-19_1432174746995A woman battling anorexia, Rachael Farrokh, from Southern California, is begging the public to help save her life.

The 37-year-old actress, who has been battling anorexia for more than 10 years, has released a video on YouTube describing her fight against the life-threatening eating disorder.

In the footage, she explains how her husband, Ron Edmondson, has had to quit his job to become her 24-hour caregiver, while area hospitals won’t treat her because her ‘dangerous’ weight makes her a ‘liability’. A gaunt-looking Ms Farrokh explains in a video

uy‘I need your help. I’m suffering from an eating disorder. It’s a very severe kind of anorexia.’At first, it was innocent, I wanted to drop a few pounds to get better abs,’ said Ms Farrokh, adding that a sudden job loss and a painful memory from her past had allowed her anorexia to creep in..
There’s one hospital across the country that can help, and my chances are very slim. We need your help,’asking viewers to donate ‘anything you can’.

I’ve been suffering from this for quite a while now. I’m five-[foot]-seven, 40-something pounds and no hospitals will even take me at this point.Rod is now my 24-hour caregiver. In order for us to get [to the hospital that can help]… and I’m not one to ever ask for help…I need your help, otherwise I don’t have a shot. And I’m ready to get better.28EC043100000578-3090351-image-m-33_1432174973806 28EC042900000578-3090351-image-m-30_1432174943088

She finally guides viewers to a dedicated GoFundMe page, where she is aiming to raise $100,000 to fund her treatment. She has so far raised $44,150, while her video has garnered over 11,000 views.

 Ms Farrokh met Mr Edmondson, 41, while he was working as a personal trainer at her gym. Prior to her battle with anorexia, she was a beautiful, active, healthy woman, Mr Edmondson told ABC

My lovely wife and I have been together for more than a decade and she will be seeing her final days if we don’t take action!’Her weight continues to plummet to a weight that’s extremely dangerous.Untitled (1)




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