Should we call this Bridesmaid Goals? An excited bride who just got hitched, has shared photos of her Bridemaids who were all pregnant during her wedding.

In her words:

One after the other, they took turns to drop the joyful news that they were pregnant. They didn’t just tell me because I was a close friend. I had selected them to be my bridesmaids. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I was like Yekpa not one not two, but THREE preggers? Btw, neither of them knew the other ewas pregnant until two weeks before my wedding. Each of them thought the’d be the only odd and biggy-belle lady on the train. Forget that I danced in heels non-stop till the end of the wedding, but I duff my hat for these ladies energy level.. It was my biggest surprise. They looked after each other and partied hard. Special thanks goes to their husbands for letting them travel.



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