Last night, I was saw a documentary on Netflix about an Australian man called Joe Cross who decided to go on a green
juice fast for 60 days.

Crazy right?

This guy decided not to eat any “food” at all!

Instead, he drank a blended mixture of vegetables and fruits such as Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Apples, Wheat grass

Prior to starting…

This guy has a “beer” belly so big that he looks like an eight month pregnant man! (see his picture below)



Not only that, he had an auto immune skin disease called Urticaria that causes itchy red skin and he had to rely on
expensive drugs to suppress it.

In his own words, he said he was “fat, sick and nearly dead!”

After just 60 days of drinking ONLY blended vegetables and fruits, he lost a total of 45kg of fat from his belly!

Not only that, his skin disease disappeared COMPLETELY and he stopped taking his prescribed drugs!

Here’s what he looks like after 60 days of going on a juice fast:




Can you see how healthy, fit and even more handsome he looks? He got that result in just 2 months (60 days)!

I want you to take a look again at his BEFORE & AFTER Picture:


That is the POWER of vegetables and fruits. They are packed with micro nutrients and antioxidants that accelerate your

They also contain nutrients that feeds your body to heal itself of many of the diseases caused by unhealthy eating.

You are probably reading this and thinking already of all the WAHALA you’ll face just to do this kind of juicing.

From the bland taste of blended vegetables to the stress of trying to find “little known” names of the vegetables, not
to talk of storing them too.


This Super Greens Powder contains 9 different vegetables and fruits gently dried and blended together into a powder form.

All you have to do is put one spoon of it into a cup, mix it with water, stir and then drink it once daily!

And you can drink this along with your daily meals for weight loss.


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Author:-  Olu Aijotan (Nutrition & Fitness Coach)

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