1441842509-spongesIn the ever evolving world of fashion and beauty, here’s the newest beauty cleansing tool – the Konjac sponge.

It is made from the root of Konjac plant which is found in Asia. Basically, it’s used in the cleansing routine to get rid of dirt, oil and blackheads in general. They’re praised for their natural deep cleansing and exfoliating abilities. When it’s dry, this sponge actually looks like a pumice stone but when it’s soaked in water, it turns squishy and face friendly. So yeah, don’t be afraid! It’s totally safe to use on your face.

It is generally recommended for anyone with acne or clogged pores because the fibres help unclog those pores in a way that a washcloth or your hands just can’t. It is also great for those with sun-damaged skin as it helps to gently slough off those dull, dry flakes.

Best thing? It comes in different variations infused with bamboo, charcoal, clay, green tea, citrus, peppermint and other natural products.

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