getty_rf_photo_of_woman_plucking_browsA friend got across to me that she had severe breakouts after waxing her eyebrows and I thought to discuss how our brows are groomed. Apart from those who get the TLC only when they get professional makeup, a lot go out of their way to thread or wax or tweeze their brows as the case might be.

For some people threading is best, it’s a known way to tame the brow leaving ample time before it grows again. And for others, Brow wax is the cleanest way to tame the brows, it cleans out the brow to give the definite shape.

Here are the pros and cons according to makeup professionals.



  • Threading is great for extreme precision as you can remove a single hair or a row of hair with one movement.

  • Because of precision, threading is ideal when it comes to shaping brows.

  • it’s great for people with sensitive skin because there are no harsh chemicals and the thread barely touches your skin.

  • Once the hair follicle is visible, it can be removed, unlike waxing where the hair needs to be a certain length.

  • Longer lasting results because the hair is removed from the follicle completely.

  • Threading doesn’t irritate your skin and will very rarely leave marks.

  • Very quick process.


  • Threading does not require a license. However, some threading salons hire licensed aestheticians.

  • Threading only removes facial hair.

  • Depending on the person, threading can cause discomfort.

  • Your eyes may water during the process.



  • Waxing salons require a licensed professional.

  • it’s better for people with coarse or thick hair.

  • Can be used to remove hair on all parts of your body.

  • Overall quick process.

  • Some people find the process to be less painful since the strip is removed so quickly.


  • Not as much control and precision.

  • Can be very irritating and damaging to the skin.

  • Wax contains chemicals that people can have allergic reactions to.

  • Takes off the top layer of skin.

  • Hair follicle can break, leading to quicker hair regrowth.




  • Hair does not grow back as fast as other methods
  • You can do it yourself, you do not need to visit a professional necessarily


  • Tendency to overpluck
  • Since its close to a DIY method, if you are inexperienced, you might end up with funny eyebrows
  • Might be painful for some people

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