6-lip-stains-to-perfect-your-poutThe beauty of lip stains?  Learning how to use lip stain will end what seems like a lifetime of beauty woes—the kind that revolve around trying to get color to stay on all day long, through lunch and those inevitable snacks in-between. This was designed to last and with such a lightweight consistency making it seem like you’re not wearing anything at all. To get the most out of this product, follow some of the tips below.

Exfoliate and Moisturize
Because lip stains are really, really thin, you’re going to see imperfections a lot easier than if you were using a lip cream or a lipstick. The consistency matches something similar to a liquid, which by nature just skims the surface. That means dry, flaky pieces of skin will be in full view. Moisturize often (make this just as much as a habit as washing your face before bed) and use a product with little or natural fragrance so your lips don’t dry out quickly. 

Use a Lip Liner
The color is going to stick around, but it’s not going to apply as precisely as something like a standard lipstick tube that comes to somewhat of a point. An easy way to combat this is to use a lip liner of the same exact color or something a little bit lighter, just so you have some guidelines when applying the lip liner. After applying lip liner, really blend those lines in so there isn’t a stark difference between the lip stain and the lip liner.

Layer Under Regular Lipstick
This is your must-use tip when you want the creamier, thicker finish of a lipstick but know the color isn’t going to last all day. Apply lip stain before putting on your gloss. Some lip stains have incredibly long wear, so by the time your lipstick rubs off after only a few hours, you’ll still have a whole lot of tint showing. You’ll totally rid yourself of a splotchy look where only the outer rim of your lips are still holding on to the pigment.

Layer Over for Intensity or Gloss
A lot of lip stains leave a glossy finish in and of themselves, but you can make a creamy lip color glossy and even hold more of an intense color on your lips by layering a lip stain on top. It doesn’t have to be the same exact color, though. Pick different shades in the same color family for something customized to you.

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