There are so many beauty tips in the cyberspace and as a young lady, there are beauty tips you should know by default or are expected to know. By the way, we are going to share some of these tips with you. Do let us know what you think in the comments section. So, here we go.

Use a cream or milk cleanser to wash your face. Creams are less drying than gels.

Replace mascara and liquid eyeliner after 3-4 months.

Carrots are good for the hair. A healthy diet leads to a beautiful you.

Always wash your makeup off before bed.

If you often find yourself being too tired to wash your face at night, keep makeup removing wipes in your night stand to prevent a runny mess or morning break out.

Hydrate your under-eye area with an eye cream to prevent puffiness and bags.

Use a pumice stone on your feet after the shower to get rid of calluses.

If you have chipped nail polish, add glitter on top to disguise the look of chipping.

Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of any product build-up that may have occurred during the week.

After using a hair conditioning mask, follow with a cold-water rinse to close the hair cuticles

If you choose to use false eyelashes, remember to use the dark glue as it will blend in with the lashes.

When using an eyeshadow primer, only place the primer where you’ll be adding colour.

To help you find the right shade of foundation, choose the product you think is closest to your colour and try it on your jawline in natural light. You will be able to easily compare it to your neck’s colour to see if you need to go for a different undertone, lighter or darker.

For makeup that lasts all day and night, use a makeup-sealing product like a setting spray.

To contour cheeks, use a matte powder (a few shades darker than your skin tone) with an angled brush. Blend on temples and under cheek bone.

The healthier you are, the healthier your hair! Eat well, exercise, and sleep well.

If you straighten your hair with a flat iron, cause less heat damage by letting hair air dry. The less heat, the better!

To clean up the flick of a cat eye, use a dampened, pointed Q-tip

Foundation should never be heavy

Avoid washing your hair every day.

To add volume to clean or unwashed hair, use a dry shampoo spray.

If you don’t have nail polish remover, apply clear nail polish over your nail, and then wipe off. It will remove old polish

Always use a moisturizer with SPF in the morning.

To make a pimple go away faster, don’t pick at it. The bacteria on your fingers will create more redness, and any attempt at popping will make things worse.

Use blotting papers to manage oil and shine in your T-Zone, which are also great for cleaning up around the eyes

The #1 reason for flaky mascara is that the formula is too dry or old. Make sure to close mascara after use to help keep its moisture. To extend the life a bit, add 2-3 drops of saline solution into the tube and swirl the brush around.

For fuller lips, extend the lip line using a flesh tone lip liner. Be careful not to go overboard, though!

For the perfect cat-eye, “select a thin liner brush that is tapered to the point. Use a gel eyeliner for extra staying power.

Clean out your makeup bag at least once a year to get rid of old products that may be expired or you no longer use.

Remember, less is more.

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