StrobingIf you’re a person who wears makeup and you know who Kim Kardashian is, then you probably know what contouring is. Strobing is similar to contouring, but instead of creating lowlights and highlights with varying shades of product, you only highlight, applying product to where the light catches your face.

If performed correctly, the result is a more relaxed, natural look, which uses less product than traditional contouring.

Strobing first gained attention in February when Get the Gloss asked, “Is strobing the new contouring?” Since then, various publications have come out in favour of the technique, with Marie Claire dubbing it “contouring’s au naturale French cousin”.

Sydney makeup artist Gemma Nichols says the hype is justified.

“Strobing not only highlights our features (think cheekbones, brow bone and the cupid’s bow) it also creates luminous skin that glows,” she says.

When compared with contouring, Nichols argues the finished product created by strobing is a lot nicer (“[contouring] can make the skin appear muddy and does not look natural in real life if not blended properly”). She also says Strobing is easier to achieve.

So there you have it. Strobing is the new Contouring.

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