zara-n-moZara Indimi, the CEO of Tulip Bistro restaurant, and one of the daughters of oil magnate, Mohammed Indimi got married to her boo, Mo-hammed in Abuja over the weekend in Abuja.

The celebration was glitz & glamour. See the glam photos below:-zara-win-wedding-300x300 zara-wedding-sixteen zara-wedding-fifteen zara-wedding-three zara-wedding-four zara-wedding-six zara-n-mohammed zara-wedding-300x297 zara-wedding-win zara-wedding-two zara-guests zara-korede-bello zara-sister zara-korede-and-a-guest zara-win zara-wedding-nine zara-wedding-twelve zara-wedding-eleven zara-wedding-eight zara-wedding-eighteen zara-wedding-seventeen


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