Leezel Cambridge (sitting in the middle in a blue and white top) with some her family members


Words cannot describe the terrible state at which a bride-to-be is at the moment, as her flight was canceled a day to her wedding.

On Saturday, December 17, an airline changed their mind at the last minute as they canceled its flights from JFK, Queen Airport to Guyana, South America, leaving over 1,000 passengers stranded.


Bride-to-be Leezel Cambridge when she was trying on her wedding dress


The airline which was identified as Dynamic International Airways was reported to have left the 27-year-old bride, Leezel Cambridge stranded at the airport at about 2am, as her husband had to inform their 300 guests, that his bride-to-be will not be making the wedding.

Leezel Cambridge spent the rest of her wedding day Sunday, December 18, sitting on the floor at the airport with about 15 members of her family.

So sad!

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