b6789905_cj.xxxlargeWhile Caitlyn Jenner‘s blockbuster Vanity Fair cover doesn’t hit newsstands until tomorrow, the 65-year-old icon shared a small peek into her private life this weekend on social media. In the photo she posted, Jenner stands in front of a pool with her arms around five friends, looking out at a stunning California vista. “Learn from those who have walked the path before you,” reads the caption, along with the hashtag “#TransIsBeautiful”.

We’re glad to see she’s got a strong squad of her own outside the Kardashian crew—and her outfit, a pair of skinny jeans, flat sandals and a printed billowy top, seems like a strong indication that her sense of style is going to be uniquely hers amid a family with a noted penchant for neutrals and sky-high heels.

Now, we’ll just sit here and patiently await Jenner’s first selfie. After all, with Kim Kardashian in the house, she’s had the chance to learn from the best.

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