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Brad Holmes has pulled a lot of not-so-funny “pranks” on his girlfriend, Jenny Davies. He’s cut her hair off in her sleep, fake-proposed to her, pretended to cheat, and convinced her he was leaving her for someone else —  and that’s just in the last month. 

Basically, his version of a “prank” is doing really awful things that aren’t funny at all and are downright abusive to the person he supposedly loves. His latest joke, however, might just be his sickest: In a video that Holmes has since removed from his Facebook page, he rubs a chili pepper on Davies’ tampon so that he can film the very painful and potentially dangerous aftermath of her using it.

*not real photo

“So, it’s Jen’s time of the month so I’m gonna play a little trick on her and give her a hot vagina,” he said in the video. “I’m gonna rub this chili onto this tampon and see what happens.”

Later, when Davies uses the restroom, she mentions that she’s feeling some pretty extreme pain and that it feels like her vagina is on fire. While trying to figure out what’s going on, Holmes shows her the pepper — and unsurprisingly, she kicks him out of the house.

The video had been viewed over two million times and shared over 18,000 times before it was removed earlier today. While it’s unclear if the video was staged, Holmes insists on Facebook that all of his “pranks” are real, and that he and Davies simply have an unbreakable bond in which they both “prank” each other all the time.

PRANK? Nooooo way!


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