2A23077100000578-3145772-image-m-12_1435753375316Kermit Tersoro is Lady Gaga’s official footwear designer. The one behind the bizarre leg work we usually see. 

Lady Gaga may love Kermit Tersoro’s mind-boggling creations but even she may struggle with her favourite shoe designer’s latest offering.The Philippines-born artist, 27, has invented a platform shoe which is supported by thick curved tentacles, complete with white suckers, rather than a wedge sole or heel.

But without any buckles or straps, the Polypodis poses a challenge for even the most intrepid heel wearer who must trust that two strategically-placed tentacles will hold the foot in place. Many of his designs take inspiration from natural organisms such as human muscle . See more of his designs below:-
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UK Daily Mail

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