Miss Allure 1Beauty is the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or a thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurable exalts the mind or spirit. Brain is a VERY intelligent or intellectual person, it is the ability to think and reason. 
Miss ALLURE is a beauty pageant aimed at developing hidden beauties as well as potential not yet seen. Our aim is to unveil the hidden potential in young, beautiful, brilliant and intelligent ladies in our world. Miss ALLURE is all about making a difference and helping a young lady to be MORE. You are more than just a pretty face. This is the first edition of Miss ALLURE beauty pageant. And it promises to be exciting, educating, fun and impactful.   
The registration for the Miss ALLURE beauty pageant is absolutely FREE. 
As a contestant of Miss ALLURE beauty pageant you stand a chance of winning cash prizes and lots of gifts items. Be amongst the first 100 contestants to register and get a gift. 
If you are between 16 – 26 years and have a combination of Beauty and Brain, then do not allow this opportunity slip through your fingers.
Miss ALLURE Beauty Pageant 2015 is powered by DBWOODS PRODUCTION INTERNATIONAL
For further details please contact:
0802- 967-7711,0703-016-8455, 0806-892-1020
Miss ALLURE beauty pageant… Being beautiful

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