Fullscreen-capture-29062015-010933-AMAfter being labelled as a Nicki Minaj wannabe at the 2015 Billboard Awards, the Cameroonian pop singer takes it up a notch at the 2015 BET Awards taking place today Sunday 28th June 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

I guess the Fashion Police should not bother analyzing her outfit as “worst dressed” or not. Her own style is beyond the definitions in the Fashion Dictionary. With an avant-garde gele on thermal jumpsuit with “Hello Kitty” dolls on each shoulder, she takes it to the next level with her footwear which slightly remind me of Denrele.3 Fullscreen-capture-29062015-011125-AM

Does Dencia overdo it? You know what I like the most? She does not give a hoot. Her love for jumpsuits tho…. It surpasses my own ADORBS for jumpsuits.


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