DOLCE-GABBANA_VELVET_COLLECTION_FRAGRANCEDolce & Gabbana’s exclusive range of artisanal fragrances was inspired by private memories and the traditions of haute couture and the resulting Velvet Collection is sensual and evocative.

Each of the eight Velvet and two Velvet Oud perfumes are the result of dedicated research into the ancient Italian traditions which are reinterpreted using contemporary perfume-making.

The fragrances – the sweetly voluptuous Velvet Tender Oud, the smoky and mysterious Velvet Desert Oud, the sweet woody Velvet Vetiver, the raw seductive Velvet Wood, the luxurious Velvet Patchouli, sensual Velvet Sublime, decadent Velvet Desire and a richly hypnotic Velvet Love, come in a heavy glass bottle with a velvet embossed lid making them great to look at as well. These luxurious, hand-crafted fragrances are now exclusively available in Essenza Stores nationwide! 

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