woman-lipsMany ladies simply buy makeup without checking for the real use. Seeing lip on a tube does not mean it could be a lipstick, it could be a lip stain. So how do you tell them apart?

BOlips-thumb-02Lipstains are like lipsticks but look glossy and stay ultra matte on the lips, they could stay the entire day even with a single coat. However they are not costly, you could get a good lip stain between 1500- 6500 naira and there are a wide range of products from BmPro, LA Girl, Mac etc The good thing about lip stains is they are totally dry the second it comes in contact with your lips and you need not retouch after eating or after a long day. It stays matte and perfect. You don’t need to smack your lips a couple of times or apply coats to get the perfect look , a single coat would do and lasts more than most lipsticks. It does not stain or smear your clothes or peoples clothes once its on your lips. This is a major concern especially for guys when they hug girls.


The thing lipsticks have which lip stains don’t is the fact that they are more moisturising than most lip stains. Lip stains might leave your lips really chapped if you don’t exfoliate and use a lip balm. Lipsticks also come in a variety of colours and shades unlike the lip stains which are kind of limited especially in the area of hues and fun. The fact that you dont really need to reapply your lipstain makes it seem more cost effective on the long run but some come in very tiny bottles depending on the product.

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