Gbenro-Dread-no-Dreads-LooksMany were surprised when newly wedded Gbenro Ajibade appeared on his wedding day without his signature look.

Gbenro who started out as a model before switching to acting had had his dreads on for almost 10 years and he had come to be identified with it.

After Gbenro met Osas Ighodaro and considered settling down people never believed him even when they got engaged and went ahead to have their traditional wedding, many still did not attached seriousness to Gbenro.

When Gbenro stepped out on his wedding day without his traditional dreads looking clean and neat a lot who have cast aspersion on their wedding with his look had a change of mind.

Many reasons were given for his new look.

Gbenro-Ajibade-hairWhile some said:

“It was a long and hard decision because the dreadlocks have become part of his identity and he has grown so fond of the hairstyle and the look it gave him but he had to let it go few days before the wedding. Of course, he still had his locks on for his traditional wedding but he only shaved it off days before his wedding and a new beginning”

Another set of people said Gbenro had to shave off his dread because Osas asked for it and for the love they shared between them; Gbenro gave her the honour on their wedding day.

But for Gbenro it was a personal decision he made to start life afresh with the love of his life. For him the dreadlocks is a thing of the past and he is starting life on a new note with Osas.11420422_1615939078691988_1350349305_n
Sharing his new look, Gbenro looking at his reflection in the mirror on his wedding day said: “New Phase. Thank you all.”

Osas Ighodaro and Gbenro Ajibade got married in New York City, USA on Independence Day, July 4, 2015.

The couple had their traditional wedding on June 20 in Osas’s Hometown at  Benin City, Edo State 

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