Dencia-Vs-Ono-BelloControversial singer cum businesswoman, Dencia who is currently on tour in France promoting her new single, ‘Rodeo Drive’ performed for the first time in a long while. The singer posted some pictures from the event on her Instagram handle and fashion blogger, Ono Bello reposted the picture giving it some captions that didn’t go down well with Dencia.

Ono Bello captioned the image;

Our very own Nicki Minaj @iamdencia wore an eye popping outfit designed by her for a club performance during #ParisFashionWeek #OnoBello’

Dencia who has been criticized in the past for her dress sense and especially at occasions  seemed pissed at out Ono Bello’s comparison of her to Nicki Minaj. The singer was in a hurry to comment  by saying;

Thanks for the continuous support but I will like to be addressed as Dencia not a substitute of someone I made stuff for in the past, don’t get me wrong Nicki is amazing but we both work hard for the substitute mentions & the mistaken identities. Thanks (Sic)’

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