Gozel-Green-Ready-to-Wear-2015-Collection-3-750x1059Gozel Green, a fashion label by twins – Sylvia & Olivia Enekwe, have released a brand new collection “Come Thunder“. They participated in last year’s LFDW Fashion Focus. I loved the collection they presented then and I love this one even more. They come with a different point of view with their clothing; rustic and tribal chic.

View the full collection below:Gozel-Green-Ready-to-Wear-2015-Collection-1-725x1024 Gozel-Green-Ready-to-Wear-2015-Collection-2-725x1024 Gozel-Green-Ready-to-Wear-2015-Collection-4-725x1024 Gozel-Green-Ready-to-Wear-2015-Collection-5-725x1024 Gozel-Green-Ready-to-Wear-2015-Collection-6-725x1024 Gozel-Green-Ready-to-Wear-2015-Collection-7-725x1024 Gozel-Green-Ready-to-Wear-2015-Collection-8-725x1024 Gozel-Green-Ready-to-Wear-2015-Collection-9-725x1024

Photo Credit
Photography: Moussa Moussa (Instagram: @IAmMoussaMoussa)
Styling: Sylvia & Olivia of Gozel Green (Instagram: @SylviaAndOlivia |@GozelGreen)
Model: Uju NWobodo (Instagram: @_UjuMarshall)
Makeup: Yinka

To find out more about Gozel Green, send an e-mail to ask@gozelgreen.com | Visit www.gozelgreen.com | Follow them on Instagram: @GozelGreen | Call: +234 8036083654

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