Fashion Designer, Nuraniya presents its resort 2015 Collection “AMBIGUITY”

Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-0Nuraniya is a womenswear brand that launched a couple of months ago with a debut collection which was strong and feminine at the same time. Now they are back again with their Resort 2015 collection, Ambiguity and I am loving it.

According to the designer, Nura Ikahlea – “As a purveyor of all things minimal, for our Resort 2015 collection we sought out to explore around the “Ambiguity” stitched to the concept of “Minimalism”. As against popular belief that minimalism, which is also another form of reductionism, strips elements down to its barest leaving them stated & boring, we thought to incorporate a bit of glamor, inject colors and create designs that expose the clichéd concept of minimalism as an ambiguous one. One which is a canvass for all other things to come into being.“

View the new Nuraniya collection below:Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-1 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-6 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-2 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-3 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-4 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-5 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-7 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-8 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-9 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-10 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-11 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-12 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-13 Nuraniya-AMBIGUITY-Resort-2015-collection-lookbook-campaign-14Photo Credit
Designer: Nura Ikahlea (Instagram: @NnuraniyaStudios)
Photography:Aham Ibeleme (Instagram: @AhamIbeleme)
Styling & Art Direction: The Style Infidel (Instagram:@TheStyleInfidel)
Makeup: Christine Signatures (Instagram: @ChristineSignatures)
Model: Uju Marhsal (Instagram: @_UjuMarshall)

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