Olatorera Oniru is one ambitious young entrepreneur. The 29 year-old lady is the founder of, a Lagos-based e-commerce startup that retails fashion products sourced indigenously.

As prepares for the its second edition of ‘Cocktails and Dresses’ event set to hold on the 12th of December, 2016 at the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos, Tomi’s Colour Pavilion interviews Olatorera who talks about her journey and inspiration behind what is argurably one of the largest gathering of Made in Africa products. Olatorera also promises to bring together over 1000 attendees and notable Personalities under one roof to promote Nigeria and indeed Africa.



Read all about this below:-

TCP:- What key attributes can you say has helped your dream come to actualization in the Nigerian market?

OO:- Being steadfast and zealous in ensuring that we serve all our customers perfectly 100% percent of the time. is as a result of great products, affordable prices and excellent customer service. Also recruiting the very best people to join the team. I believe in team From employees to supplies to partners, we have built together and continue to work to serve as role models to other African startups.

TCP:- It is commonly said that Women do not necessarily help one another in reaching to the top. How has this been for you? Can you tell us about the women who have helped you get closer to your dream in Nigeria?

OO:- I am very big on women supporting women. We seek to partner and collaborate rather than compete. Considering the massive development essentials that persist in Africa, collaboration and partnerships are dire. Women must support women. Same way people must support people regardless of gender, race, religion or other segregated classifications. Leaders must support leaders. We must all look more into working together and competing less for the growth of the continent. We can all get to the top and stay at the top. At, we have worked with over 100 designers within our first year of operations and over 60% of them are women.


TCP:- For those who want to tow the same path, but have limited resources, what do you advise? Get a loan from a Bank/Cooperative Venture, Microfinance etc or solicit help of Family and Friends?

OO:- There are several options. You must do thorough research on the option that would work best for your business plan. From commercial bank loans, to Bank of Industry programs to Grants to Seed capital. Working diligently for some years and saving up is also a great strategy. For more on startup strategies and financials, attend cocktails & Dresses. There will be a short panel session with topmost Young African CEOs.

TCP:- Who do you look up to as an example in your field?

OO:- I like Peng Lei of who is considered one of the world’s most successful women and one of the most powerful women in Asia. She has built notable successful companies and contributed strongly to the growth of digital retail in Asia and beyond. It is also good to see women leaders championing tech ventures and global developments.

TCP:Please can you share with us briefly on how you conceived the idea for the Cocktail and Dresses Event, how it has been so far, what you hope to achieve and plans for continuity.

OO:- Cocktails & Dresses is a semi-Annual event that takes place in Lagos, Nigeria aimed at bringing in key global players in the fashion and media industries to support in magnifying the made in Africa fashion, beauty and home industries. Cocktails & Dresses continues to expand with each new edition. The last edition was very successful with leaders such as Senator Ben Murray-Bruce letting us know that he had such an amazing time that he would not miss out on future events of and Cocktails & Dresses.

TCP:- Which awards have DressMeoutlet clinched, Locally and International?

OO:- In 2016, was recognized by Forbes and as one of the most promising ventures in Africa. We were also nominated by African Achievers Awards, African Awards for Entrepreneurship and Most Innovative Company of the Year amongst other recognitions. We are excited about the growth thus far and have no plans to slow down anytime soon. We continue, to expand, innovate, establish and magnify all while giving the very best customer service to all our customers globally.



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