Wrap--Tuck-Shirt-TrendFashion goes around in circles. That particular clothing item you have on could be worn in so many ways. An example is your plain/ too big button down shirt. Have you ever tried to wear it like a wrap shirt? 

Here’s how to pull it off: just take an old (slightly baggy) button-down shirt, twist it wrap-top style, and tuck it in. Then use safety pins or button one of the top buttons to secure it in place and prevent any wardrobe malfunctions; and boom — you’ve got a brand-new(-looking) twisted top. See how these divas pulled theirs off. Even-Sienna-Miller-spotted-trying-out-wrap--tuck Even-one-your-work-tops-can-become-after-hours-appropriate simple-enough-anyone-can-do-still-stylish Were-even-doing-here-POPSUGAR-FashionPhoto Credit:- popsugar.com

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