woman-umbrella-rain-streetIt is Official. The rainy season is upon us and many parts of the country are flooded. The rains are inevitable, the question is how do you protect yourself and yet remain fashionable through out this season? Read on below as we take on what you need from your Hair to your feet.


This is the time to ditch the weaves, weaves are usually in bad state when it is drenched or soaked with water, apart from the smell, the curls usually are not the same and it will take a good trip to the salon to fix. You can opt for braids which can be easily dried off with your hand dryer with application of some hairspray. 

If you want to look chic- do corn rows and adorn your favourite wig . After all, when it is not necessary, you can remove your wig for protection so that it is not destroyed.


This is the time to rock your turtle neck sweats and blazers. With the rain comes a bit of chill, having these clothes come in handy for you. And incase you feel warm later, you can easily take off your blazer to reveal the pretty camisole you have got underneath. This will also be a good time to ditch your long flowing skirts or pants. You will be better off wearing something fitted- skinny pants etc which will not absorb as much water if left to hang loose from your body


Suede shoes, leather shoes are a NO NO. You might want to invest in some jelly flip flops or shoes especially when you are not driving; if you must, you can change to your real shoes for the occasion- office or play. It would be damaging on your shoes if you walk in them through puddles of water.


Good thing, you might not need constant touch up as a result of the weather. However, do not forget to use waterproof makeup especially mascara so that you do not have black streaks all over your face.


Remember to ALWAYS have a shower-cap  and umbrella with you at all times. You do not want to be caught off guard.

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