article-0-0D55BA07000005DC-350_468x398It is often said that the lady with the largest luggage in any airport is most certainly from Nigeria, and although it may not necessarily be true, there is no denying that we have all been guilty of over-packing at one point in time. I got this post from Encomium and thought to share it as I am very guilty of this haven just got back from a trip myself- I have never been able to pack just right, I always have luggage, in excess.

Packing for a trip is often a struggle for many. Often, we give in to temptation and just throw it all in. However, doing that can lead to higher expenses when making payments for extra space at the airport or bus. To help Nigerian women overcome their packing problems,, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal has made a list of items they need to strike off their packing list.

Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons

Yes, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, however, that does not mean she has to manage her hair all by herself. Aside from the fact that almost all hotels have these gadgets, there are some that  have hair salons on-site, and those that do not have can easily show you the nearest hair salon in the area, so, there is no need to haul the gadgets around anyway. If you are worried about paying extra, take solace in the fact that an artfully dishevelled mane is trendy this season and you might as well just go for the look.

“You never know” clothes

Most women like to think that they could have emergencies where they would need to wear certain kind of dress that is not necessarily appropriate for the trip they are taking, so they pack for the eventuality’ anyways. Truth is, most times, they never get to wear those clothes and they just end up hauling the excess weight back. Pack only the basics. In case of any unforeseen event, buy a dress from a clothing store in the destination, it never hurts to own something new.

Large fluffy Bath Towels

Most people do not like to use hotel towels as they believe it is too impersonal and may not be very clean, so they pack their own towels. Taking your own towel along may be a good idea, especially for people with OCD, however, large fluffy bath towels should be a “no-no”. They are big, bulky and take time to dry. Invest in a travel towel, or a thinner beach towel. These will take up less space in your suitcase and will be easier to keep clean and dry while on holiday.

Excessive amounts of cosmetics and beauty products

Is carrying multiple bottles of moisturizers and facial cleansers really worth being harassed by immigration at the airport? Most of the time, you realize that you do not necessarily use all the beauty products you pack. When it comes to travelling with beauty products, stick to the basics and try to opt for an all-in-one compact. Go for products that have multiple purposes, like BB creams or lip and cheek duos. Most hotels even provide mini versions of these cosmetics -especially moisturizers- for guests, so you may want to verify before packing.

Several high-heeled shoes

Pack one shoe that goes with everything! High heels are not entirely necessary, and if it is ultimately essential, do not pack more than one. Go for a neutral color that will blend with all the clothes you have and save colour blocking for when you are at home.

Elaborate Lingerie

It is important to have sexy lingerie, and underwear such as corsets, waist trainers, padded push-up bras are seen chic garbs. Most women purchase these underwear and even pack them when going on casual trips as they believe that if you plan for it, you will meet the man of your dreams. Unfortunately, while there is always a chance, the stiff corset you shoved into your bag is far from necessary when it comes to wooing the hypothetical guy. Go with simple underwear on trips and if there is a need to go overboard with specialized underwear, hit the shops at your destination.

Several handbag options

Bags are essential for women, but there is really no need to pack a number of bags for different occasions when going on a trip. You do not need separate bags for touring during the day, another for shopping, another for a night out and another for a business meeting. Go for the perfect all-round option, a simple shoulder bag usually works.

Heavy expensive Jewelry

Why risk it? Looking gorgeous and expensive is nice, however, when travelling, you need to consider the risk of them being stolen or damaged in an accident. The weight of the jewelry may also not be comfortable, especially if you have to carry your luggage on your own for long distances. Take a couple of key sparkles, but leave the heirlooms at home.

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