dd-650x400Success, they say, has many friends! So it was when Forever Living Products Nigeria Limited celebrated its 15th anniversary in all its 15 centers and many Wellness centres nationwide. Friends, business associates and well-wishers of the company participated in the celebrations to mark the landmark event. The festivities, from Wednesday, May 6 – Saturday, May 9, 2015 had different events to mark 15 fruitful years of empowering Nigeria and Nigerians with the theme:“Celebration of Success, Resilience and Integrity of Forever Business in Nigeria”. 

Forever Living Products is a wellness and beauty company that operates a network marketing business model. It has 5 key areas that its products focus on: drinks, weight management, personal care, beauty and nutrition. Forever Living has for 15 years created a healthy business environment which has enriched forever business owners of the company in wellness and financially.

The (Forever Business Owners) FBOs were able to reflect at their earlier years as FBOs and were grateful on their achievements. These are independent members of the Forever networks distribution system who are recognised as full-fledged business owners. Wellness centres are business ventures set up by FBOs to provide services in line with FLP policies.

The company has received several awards in Nigeria from corporate and regulatory agencies, including the NAFDAC Ports Inspection Directorate Performance Recognition Award 2013 for attaining the third position as the Most Compliant Supplement Company in Nigeria.

The Partnership Award, went to the Nigerian Heart Foundation, for years of its professional support to Forever Living Products.

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