landscape-1435080074-washington-roberts-adiree-pr-luxe-africaEvery woman desires a well-tailored outfit. One that screams, “I am the foundation of the world and I’m building an empire to behold.” Where would one find such statement pieces?

Enter: Nigerian-born fashion designer, Washington Roberts. Washington took a detour from his career path as an Engineer in 2005 to construct tailored and modern looks for women– illustrating that the essence of design can also be found in the industry of women’s apparel. What stands out most in his design aesthetic for the spring and summer 2015 collection is his trademark royal blue mixed and matched with lighter blues; to create a bold blueprint.

And as we all know, the art of any great design or construction begins with a blueprint. Check out a few of his latest pieces in this collection:gallery-1435083933-washington-roberts-spring-summer2015-page-09 gallery-1435084099-washington-roberts-spring-summer2015-page-10 gallery-1435084415-washington-roberts-spring-summer2015-page-12

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