Gbemisoke-3Following the successful launch of the Gbemisoke plus-size feminine line of shoes in May, OAP Gbemi has announced that the product lineup has now been expanded to include a range of heeled pumps available in different colours.

Making the revelation recently, she stated,“Gbemisoke is back again! After four months of exciting growth and expansion, I am pleased to announce that the line now includes colourful pumps available in Cobalt blue, red, yellow, green and white. We have received so many orders and enquiries about an expanded product range and it gives me great pleasure to announce that by virtue of popular demand, the product range has now been expanded.”

Giving an insight into the growth of Gbemisoke as a brand and as a business, she further revealed:-Gbemisoke-5 Gbemisoke-41 GBEMI-BLOG-4

“Launching Gbemisoke was a tasking but rewarding process. I faced many challenges, such as the fact that I did not have enough money to produce and launch the flats and heels at the same time. I received a deluge of requests and enquiries about different types, colours and styles of shoes and I was not initially able to satisfy all this demand. I emptied my bank accounts to get it off the ground but it has all been worth it.”

“It has been so exciting to realise that I am actually making a difference. I often get messages saying things like, “Gbemi, my 14 year old daughter wears a US11 shoe size and she is still growing! Thank God for Gbemisoke shoes! Please hurry up and make different styles and colours. You have given some relief to a concerned mother.” Such feedback means the world to me and it gives me more motivation to continue working hard to make people happy.”Gbemisoke-1 GBEMI-BLOG-2 Gbemisoke-14

“Everywhere I go, people call me ‘Gbemisoke’. Though I’ve been on radio and in the spotlight for over 10 years, the first thing people talk to me about is shoes and their own experience while looking for shoes for themselves or for their mothers or their sisters or girlfriends. When the flats launched in May, I received a lot of encouragement as well as criticism – ’Why is she launching only flats?’ ‘These shoes are basic‘ ‘These shoes are expensive…’ My favourite one is ‘Why are the shoes called ‘Gbemisoke’ if she only has flat shoes?’ What those people failed to realize is that it’s a gradual process. I did not have enough money to produce & launch the flats and heels at the same time. To make matters worse, the dollar went from N180 to N225 without warning.Gbemisoke-23 Gbemisoke-71 Gbemisoke-8

Nobody knew that the week I launched ‘Gbemisoke’, I was as broke as I had ever been. I was not sure I would be able to buy basic things like petrol and food for the following week. I emptied my bank accounts to get it off the ground. I haven’t slept properly in months because I’m constantly working, planning, thinking and worrying. Fretting about this new baby – It is indeed a baby that has grown rapidly in such a short period but still needs a lot of nurturing. I’ve grown accustomed to the feeling of having my heart in my mouth. I never thought one could get used to anxiety. I have learned to channel that nervous energy into work. I was worried that the people would not buy my shoes and the whole thing would flop. I am grateful for the family members, friends, colleagues, and strangers who not only bought the shoes but also lent a helping hand to ensure that the launch was a success. I am so grateful. I am humbled and awed at the same time.”
Gbemisoke-22 GBEMI-BLOG-1 Gbemisoke-4 Gbemisoke-7

The new range of heeled pumps is now available online in EU size 41 (UK 7, US 9), 42 (UK 8, US 10), 43 (UK 9, US 11) and 44 (UK 10, US 12). 

They are available at, and 0909 500 9908. 

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