Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with pearly whites. Some have yellow teeth due to caffeine and smoking, while others just have yellowish teeth through no fault of their own. In either case, yellow teeth can be very bothersome, not in the least because we are so used to being bombarded by advertisements regarding how white teeth should be.

Our smiles are really important to us because it forms a major part of the first impression we make on others. Given the culture around the white teeth among famous personalities, naturally, we tend to feel a little insecure about our smiles, which appear to be slightly duller.

However, yellow teeth can be due to extrinsic and intrinsic causes . Extrinsic stains are those that happen on the enamel. These are prominently due to lifestyle habits including smoking and poor oral hygiene. But beware of everyday products such as colas and red wine. These, too, contribute to the yellow stains on the enamel. Intrinsic stains, on the other hand, occur within the tooth. These are caused by certain type of drugs, including certain antibiotics and mouthwashes, and excessive fluoride content in water .

We have rounded up some teeth whitening hacks that you can do within minutes in the comfort of your home.


1. Charcoal Tablets


Apparently, charcoal has made its way from face-masks and face washes into teeth whitening products, too. But you don’t need any fancy set of products for this one. You only need to purchase some activated charcoal tablets, and you are set. While applying your face mask, soak your toothbrush in normal tap water. Once your face mask is on, brush your teeth as you usually would but with the charcoal tablet. Brush in circular patterns, and make sure to brush the back of your teeth, too. Do this for around 3 minutes. If this sounds a bit adventurous, you could add a wee bit of your regular toothpaste to the process. Rinse your mouth as usual, and hey presto, you have whiter teeth instantly!


2. Baking Soda



If charcoal sounds too adventurous, or you are not able to buy it immediately. Reach for the baking soda in your pantry. You can add this directly on top of your toothpaste, perhaps once a week, and brush as usual.


3. Orange Peels



Yet another reason to love Vitamin C! Once you finish your fruit salad, gather the orange peels and rub them on your teeth before you go to sleep. The Vitamin C will work while you sleep your way into better skin and health. You could also use lemon instead of orange. You can rub lemon peel directly on your teeth, or mix lemon and salt and rub all over your mouth and rinse with warm water. Remember that the lemon peel is probably going to be a lot more acidic than the orange peel, so pace and time yourself if using lemon or switch between the two to power your way through teeth whitening.


4. Coconut Oil


As revolting as it sounds, celebrities all over the world are swearing by it. Simply swish some coconut oil around in your mouth or brush with a few drops of coconut oil. You will have to swish around the oil for around five minutes. Not only will it help in whitening your teeth, the lauric acid and the anti-microbial properties of the coconut oil will also boost the immunity of your gums. Talk about holistic oral hygiene!


5. Sesame Oil



You could also use sesame oil to whiten your teeth naturally. Like with the coconut oil, swish around some sesame oil in your mouth for around 10 minutes. Spit out the oil and rinse with warm water. You do have to take precautions with sesame oil though. You have to take care not to swallow this oil. You should also ensure that you do this process on an empty stomach.

There are other healthy habits that you can practice which will also promote whiter teeth or reduce yellow stains. Apples and strawberries do wonders to protect your teeth while reducing caffeine and tannin intake will help prevent darker food substances from staining your teeth enamel too much. Drinking a cup of green tea a day, will also help naturally brighten the enamel and remove some stains. Make sure that you maintain proper oral hygiene like washing your mouth after every meal, and brushing your teeth twice a day. 




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