Just incase, you are running out of ideas. We’ve got enough for you here…



Fried Yam and Egg Sauce for Breakfast


Plantain and Egg Omelette for Breakfast


Agidi and Assorted Meat Pepper Soup for those cold nights


Ewa Agoyin and Plaintain


Jollof Rice, Plantain and assorted stewed meat


Noodles, Plantain and Boiled Eggs


Fried Plantain, Vegetable Soup


Plantain and Fish Sauce


Stewed Beans, Fried Plantain and Avocado pear


Amala on Slay with Egusi soup


White Rice and Prawn Sauce


White Rice and Peppered Sauce


Akara for Breakfast. Just add Ogi or Bread


Boiled Corn, Coconut and Pear for snacking


Moimoi and Oats with Milk


Amala, Ewedu soup and Assorted meat


Puff Puff for Snacking



Photo Credit:- Instagram/welovenig

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